Favourite Panorama’s

Here are a few of my favorite panorama photos that I have taken, along with a few stories about them!

This was taken on the drive towards Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, you can see the beautiful snow-capped peak in the distance. This photo reminds me of the fresh & chilly air and the feeling free.

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Since I went to Hawai’i I’ve been a bit of a fan of Country music, I listened to a song called I hold on by Dierks Bently (below).

Since then he has recently released a new album called Black. It’s certainly one of my favourite albums to listen to in entirety and always manages to keep me relaxed and happy.

Have a listen below and leave a comment and let me know what you think, or if you have any other artists you suggest.




There is something magical about Hawaii, its not one specific thing but a mixture of everything. I love the place and cannot consume enough of it whether it is the environment, the food, the lifestyle or the super happy people. Hawaii is the land of where you can experience anything you want, do you prefer traditional island BBQ or would you prefer Asian or even Mexican you can have it all.


Do you prefer lying on a beach bathing in the sun all the time or would you rather sitting on a porch watching the rain pour onto the mountains? You can have it all at any given time.There is so much to do and see in Hawaii and I believe it is a place that anyone can fall in love with.

We stayed on four of the islands – Oahu, Big Island, Kauai, and Maui. Whilst I loved them all and each was so remarkably different from the  others my favourite for sure was Kauai, with its green and mystical mountains to the relaxing turquoise blue beaches. I loved the simple nature of the island, there are noticeably fewer people of Kauai than the other islands and it is very simple to navigate the island. There is one major highway from one end to the other and it doesn’t circle the whole island.

You can only access around 20% of the Island by car, on that note I would definitely recommend getting a Jeep or similar. We had a little Chevrolet Spark which made accessing some off road locations a lot more unconfortable. By far the most amazing way to see the island is by Helicopter.

We went on a tour with Safari Helicopters, not knowing much about the different operators we looked on TripAdvisor and various other forums and the reviews seemed good. Well, it was incredible. We took a tour around the whole island and the pilot told us many stories about the different areas and the history.

For me one of the most breathtaking moments was when you are flying along the Na Pali coast and the clouds are just sitting on top of the mountains. There is no way to describe how incredible this view was, especially when it was paired off with whales just below.

The food in Kauai was amazing as well, there were a few main places where we went:

Monicos Taqueria — Delicious, Authentic, Well Price Mexican food. Gluten Free friendly too.

Sweet Marie’s Bakery — Hawaii’s First 100% Gluten Free bakery, the food was amazing here and took some baked treats for the road!

Smith’s Garden Luau — Authentic Hawaiian Luau & a show afterwards. There was certainly plenty of food here and it was certainly a memorable night. A must if you visit Kauai!