Free to Feed

This year I was unsure what to do for Ash’s birthday, I was searching and searching for an experience to do. Finally, I found it! A cooking class, but this was no ordinary cooking class; it was one run by refugees. The company was Free to Feed and is a non-for-profit run here in Melbourne to help set up refugees and asylum seekers with jobs.

There were choices about what type of cuisine you preferred, so as we eat a lot of curries I picked Sri Lankan.

The evening was run by a refugee named Niro who travelled for 3 weeks on a boat, ended up in detention centres on Christmas Island & in Melbourne to finally be here taking this class. His story was incredible but his happiness and positivity was something amazing.

He taught us to cook a few meals from Sri Lanka (his own recipes), the best part was at the end of the night we all sat down and shared the meal.

The pictures below speak for themselves. If you interested checked out their website and facebook page.

Snow Day out Mount Margaret, Buxton

Winter is coming has come! Normally we’ll head to Mt Donna Buang, but this time we want to take Poppy (our Pug). So after a bit of googling, I discovered Mount Maraget (half way between Marysville & Buxton (maps link), this hidden gem is amazing.


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Road Trip to Adelaide

What better thing to do on a long weekend than a road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide. It was nice to be able to get away for a small break and see some new scenery.

We left Melbourne after work and proceeded towards Horsham, which was to be our destination for the night. The following morning we left bright and early in the fog (that reminded me of silent hill) with our destination as Hahndorf for lunch.

Poppy v. Dinosaur in Hahndorf


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Warrandyte River Reserve

We found an amazing new place to take Poppy for a walk today. I was looking for somewhere closeby (it’s been a weekend full of driving). Fortunately I found Warrandyte River reserve and it’s only 10 minutes from home!


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Dog House Cafe Collingwood

Yes! Finally, a cafe which is for you and your puppy! It only opened in August. Located in Collingwood, this cute place is perfect.

There is food for your dog – Ice Creams, Dogcino’s, raw treats, dog popcorn – the list goes on! Continue reading “Dog House Cafe Collingwood”

90 Mile Beach

We had a long weekend here in Melbourne due to the AFL Grand Final, I had been wanting to go camping for a while. So now was the perfect opportunity!

Believe it or not, 90 mile beach is 90 miles long, it is a beautiful beach which has a lot to offer whether you are after a relaxing time away, fixing, crabbing or boating. I was after the relaxing side of it.

I stayed around the Golden Beach part. There were plenty of places for camping. There are about 18 large areas and each one has between 4 – 10 sites, most of them have very basic facilities (long drop toilets).

The campsites were mainly full, but even then it didn’t feel too busy. At night I went down to the beach as you had a clear view of the stars and you could even see the milky way. I wish my DSLR hadn’t died a few weeks ago (after 8 years of service) otherwise I would of been able to take some incredible shots.

I got up early that morning for a nice long stroll on the beach and morning meditation to ground myself.

Just up from the campsite was Trinculo wreck, this ship was beached on the 30th of May 1879 after some strong SE winds when it was on a journey from Albany, WA to Newcastle, NSW. There weren’t a large amount of remains visible, but it was still very cool and allows you to wonder what I may have been like.

The following night I stayed in Tarra Bulga national park which was an hour or so drive away. This location was pretty cool and very isolated. There was a really nice short walk (3km round trip) close by to a suspension bridge over a valley around 30m high.

The following day I went for a hike in Tarra Valley forest to the waterfall. The vegetation was amazing and very serene. I loved the waterfall and all the little animal and insects along the journey. It was a perfect time for some reflection and grounding.

All in all it was a wonderful little weekend away, albeit too short, but I will be back there soon enough.

Weekend getaway in Launceston

Last weekend I decided that I needed a getaway, a little escape from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne. I figured that Launceston, Tasmania would be perfect:

  • It’s around an hour flight from Melbourne
  • Flights are cheap
  • The landscapes are incredible
  • There are countless hikes & places to explore

I picked up a cheap flight from Jetstar for $35 each way (bargain I know), I didn’t need any luggage. The idea was to just take the bare essentials and only have carry on. So with this in mind I packed very lightly, everything managed to fit in my trusty Country Road Tote bag (nearly 6 years old now).

I found a nice little hostel near the city centre – The Arthouse Hostel. It was around $19 Aud a night (Shared room). The hostel was very clean and the staff were incredibly friendly, which makes all the difference. They were all too happy to talk about cool little locations and listen to you talk about the things you have seen, even though I wouldn’t be able to guess the number of times they have heard the same experiences from other travellers. I highly recommend this place to stay if you are looking for a hostel.

I knew I was going to do a bit of driving, so I did splurge on a slightly more comfortable car to rent, but it was certainly worth it. The car (Mitsubishi ASX) was around $65 a day with the excess reduction and unlimited km’s.


The saturday morning I woke up nice and early to fly out from Melbourne and arrived in Launceston shortly after. The airport is quite small, but seems perfect for the location. Within 20 minutes I had picked up the car and was in the city looking for breakfast.

I stumbled across the Harvest Markets which were small, but there was a funky food place where I picked up a Chorizo and Haloumi roll, and was it super tasty!


My first stop was City park, I had read on trip advisor about some Macaque monkeys in the middle of the park. This was one things I certainly didn’t expect, it was something fairly unique and easy to see. It  would certainly be a hit for the family.

Next stop was Marakoopa Cave, it was a little over 1 hour drive from the city and situated in the middle of a beautiful nature park.

There are two caves in the vicinity that offer public tours, I chose to do Marakoopa cave as I really wanted to see the underground rivers and the glow worms! The tour was $19 and went for 45 minutes, it would be an easy tour for anyone and the caves were very open (in case you are claustrophobic).  The mix of the stalactites, Stalactites and rivers was incredible and it was certainly something I will remember for a long time, but the thing that I loved the most was seeing glow worms for the first time.

In one of the areas the guide will turn off all the lights for about 5 minutes, after some time your eyes begin to adjust and little dots of light begin to appear everywhere. According to the guide there were about 400+ glow worms.


There were plenty of other little creatures around the cave, but I won’t spoil the surprise. You don’t need to book the tours, but in the busier months get there a bit earlier than the tour. There is a hike you can do before hand if you are very early.  There were also BBQ’s and toilets, but remember to take a rubbish bag as there are no bins up there.