Connected to Being Disconnected

I was thinking the other day about the influence of technology on modern society. Something that has been discussed many times across social media, news, schools and within homes regularly.

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We all comment about how ‘others’ can’t seem to live without phones, but the reality is, is that most of us fit this category. We’re constantly on edge waiting for that next notification, or checking just in case the notification didn’t work.

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I came across and interesting iOS application last week for creating and distributing podcasts easily across all major platforms including iTunes, Google Podcasts & Spotify.


It’s called AnchorFM and is available for free on all iOS devices. It has an easy way for recording segments, transition music and getting listeners to call-in. The quality seems pretty reasonable, though an external microphone would still help.

There is even the option to do it through a web browser at


It’s worth checking out if your a little interested in creating your on podcast, maybe I’ll do one soon! Oh, and its free to distribute!

Here is the link incase you’re interested.



Guide to using a Chromecast as digital signage

*2019 Update*

The process still works, however there is a check box in the Google home app, go to the Device settings for your chrome cast. Click ‘Ambient Mode’. Under ‘ Personal photo curation’ set the box to ‘ Live albums only’. The rest of the guide should work.

I just wanted to share something I stumbled across. At school we have an old TV with a custom computer attached that is running some digital signage software. However, this software is terrible, clunky and not user-friendly at all. It creates too much work.

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Free to Feed

This year I was unsure what to do for Ash’s birthday, I was searching and searching for an experience to do. Finally, I found it! A cooking class, but this was no ordinary cooking class; it was one run by refugees. The company was Free to Feed and is a non-for-profit run here in Melbourne to help set up refugees and asylum seekers with jobs.

There were choices about what type of cuisine you preferred, so as we eat a lot of curries I picked Sri Lankan.

The evening was run by a refugee named Niro who travelled for 3 weeks on a boat, ended up in detention centres on Christmas Island & in Melbourne to finally be here taking this class. His story was incredible but his happiness and positivity was something amazing.

He taught us to cook a few meals from Sri Lanka (his own recipes), the best part was at the end of the night we all sat down and shared the meal.

The pictures below speak for themselves. If you interested checked out their website and facebook page.