The Mexican Fisherman

This is one of my favourite short stories by Ajahn Brahm. It Highlights to me about people sacrificing family and friendship for work at what sometimes can be a large cost.

The Mexican fisherman In a quiet Mexican fishing village, an American on vacation was watching a local fisherman unload his morning catch. The American, a successful professor at a prestigious US business school, couldn’t resist giving the Mexican fisherman a little bit of free advice. ‘Hey!’ began the American. ‘Why are you finishing so early?’ ‘Since I have caught enough fish, Señor,’ replied the genial Mexican, ‘enough to feed my family and a little extra to sell. Now I will take some lunch with my wife and, after a little siesta in the afternoon, I will play with my children. Then, after dinner, I will go to the cantina, drink a little tequila and play some guitar with my friends. It is enough for me, Señor.’ ‘Listen to me, my friend,’ said the business professor. ‘

If you stay out at sea until late afternoon, you will easily catch twice as much fish. You can sell the extra, save up the money, and in six months, maybe nine, you’ll be able to buy a bigger and better boat and hire some crew. Then you’ll be able to catch four times as many fish. Think of the extra money you will make! In another year or two, you will have the capital to buy a second fishing boat and hire another crew. If you follow this business plan, in six or seven years you will be the proud owner of a large fishing fleet. Just imagine that! Then you should move your head office to Mexico City, or even to LA. After only three or four years in LA, you float your company on the stockmarket giving yourself, as CEO, a generous salary package with substantial share options. In a few more years — listen to this! — you initiate a company share buy-back scheme, which will make you a multi-millionaire! Guaranteed! I’m a well-known professor at a US business school. I know these things.’

The Mexican fisherman listened thoughtfully at what the animated American had to say. When the professor had finished, the Mexican asked him, ‘But, Señor Professor, what will I do with so many millions of dollars?’ Surprisingly, the American professor hadn’t thought the business plan through that far. So he quickly figured out what a person would do with millions of dollars. ‘Amigo! With all that dough, you can retire. Yeah! Retire for life. You can buy a little villa in a picturesque fishing village like this one, and purchase a small boat for going fishing in the morning. You can have lunch with your wife every day, and a siesta afterwards with nothing to worry you. In the afternoon you can spend quality time with your kids and, after dinner in the evening, play guitar with your friends in the cantina, drinking tequila. Yeah, with all that money, my friend, you can retire and take it easy.’

‘But, Señor Professor, I do all that already.’ Why do we believe that we have to work so hard and get rich first, before we can find contentment?

Ajahn Brahm – Opening the Door to Of Your Heart 

Cleans work in progress

Forever working on my lifts, I recently purchased a Perchmount from The Wod Life so that I can record my sessions and watch over them.

I noticed the other week that I wasn’t timing my jumps very well, so that has been my work in progress. This was a session from this morning, we were doing some clean complexes and finished with some singles. Last week we did a 1rm test and I did a PB of 102.5kg (225 lbs).


Healthy Habits Challenge and progress

Just under 2 years ago I started CrossFit, I weighed 82.2kg and was 21.4% (17.6kg) body fat with 37kg of muscle. I thought I was fit… Fast forward to last weekend and I’m about the same weight 81kg, but 11.9% (9.7kg) body fat with 42.1kg of muscle. Following CrossFit Box Hill’s Healthy Habits Program since January and training program has brought the biggest changes.


We started the next part of the goals last weekend, to hit 10% by the end of the year by adjusting the food even further. Cutting out the processed food, more importantly sugar has been the best change physically and mentally. But it’s worth it!

Over Head Squat during Open 2018

screen shot 2018-08-27 at 3.05.48 pm

My Values

Recently I went to a goal setting workshop, it was run by Lululemon and centred around goals that reflect my values.

I discovered a few things about myself and others that I choose to surround myself with, (I use the word ‘choose’ purposely).


My first value is simplicity, I like to keep things as simple as possible,

having as few possessions as possible, I don’t need every gadget in the kitchen or millions of pots nor every electronic gadget that measures every facet in my life.

I believe we become so accustomed to accumulating endless things that we lose the vision and purpose of what our original intention was.  My purpose is to spend as much quality time with my family, friends and self. Does buying new clothes every weekend fit into that vision?

My second value was about adventure, I feel its in my blood. I have always loved adventure and travel, something I believe came from my mother.  I love the thrill of exploring new places off the beaten track or just exploring known places in more depth. Adventure doesn’t always need to be far, foreign or frightful. Adventure can be taking Poppy for a visit to a new dog park or even just trying a new breakfast spot.

Finally, my third value was about friendships. I value my friends a great deal, they have been there for me, inspire me and certainly entertain me! I love having a wide breadth of friends from different places – CrossFit, work, family friends, old friends etc. They certainly keep life interesting and open you up to new things.

When I put them together I get my vision and goals, but they’ll be for another day.

What things do you value?

Free to Feed

This year I was unsure what to do for Ash’s birthday, I was searching and searching for an experience to do. Finally, I found it! A cooking class, but this was no ordinary cooking class; it was one run by refugees. The company was Free to Feed and is a non-for-profit run here in Melbourne to help set up refugees and asylum seekers with jobs.

There were choices about what type of cuisine you preferred, so as we eat a lot of curries I picked Sri Lankan.

The evening was run by a refugee named Niro who travelled for 3 weeks on a boat, ended up in detention centres on Christmas Island & in Melbourne to finally be here taking this class. His story was incredible but his happiness and positivity was something amazing.

He taught us to cook a few meals from Sri Lanka (his own recipes), the best part was at the end of the night we all sat down and shared the meal.

The pictures below speak for themselves. If you interested checked out their website and facebook page.

Best plates ever

Today I had the need to just go and do a bit of a weights session instead of my normal Crossfit Classes, so I went to Iron Addicts in Ringwood. All I can say is the plates are pretty cool! Captain America plates….


Sidenote: Pretty cool gym, and it was a good workout!