What I’ve learned so far

I think we can all attest to the the general feeling of negativity around at the moment with COVID-19, a once in a lifetime (hopefully) event that will define the next era of our lives similarly to how 9/11 changed the world and how we view it.

Rather than focussing on the negatives there are quite a few positives I’ve had personally, socially and professionally and I thought I would share those.

I’m not someone who moves quickly with things, I walk at my own pace and I work at my own pace. I’ve always felt that people move too quickly not taking a moment in time to appreciate what’s happening NOW.

People have now had to slow down and listen to themselves without the external distractions or ‘keeping busy’. Yes I understand many people have lost businesses and livelihoods – not taking that away, but there has to be a silver lining.

I’ve been able to spend some amazing time with Addison and see her crawl, walk and run and start to talk and just simply enjoy her time.

Since the start of the year I’ve not been on Facebook and Instagram and loved this. Sure there are things I may have missed out on – who cares. Because I’ve gained so much more in my life, the people who I care about most I’ve grown deeper connections with as I ask them what they are up to rather than just referring to posts or ‘did you seen on Facebook’ and the constant tagging of memes.

I’ve learned to listen to my body more, my health on a whole has been up and down but I’m learning more what I respond positively too and taking away the mental anxiety of social media has help. The constant comparisons or feeling of missing out.

As a teacher its been an interesting time, I miss seeing the kids, they truly do bring happiness and perspective to things. But I’ve also been able to connect with the children in a different and new way. I have a new appreciation of their independence and self direction with their learning. It’s been amazing and I hope it changes the teaching landscape.

I’ve loved societies new found love for running and just going for walks. Isn’t it so much better than sitting on the couch or scrolling Facebook. I wonder how many new things in neighbourhoods have been discovered.

I’ve loved the ability to reach out to people I might have lost contact with, in just a way to ‘check-in’ on them and see where we all are.

I’ve loved the flow of working on my own timeframes and to a better quality because of the minimisation of external distractions and superfluous activities.

Have you learned anything new during this ‘lockdown’ – Perspective? Skill?

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