Corfe Castle

Just a little throw back to our last trip to the UK (March 2018). One of my favourite places in the world is Corfe Castle in Dorset,UK.

I love the history (read more here) and the feel the place has.

My family is largely from Dorset and many still live there scattered throughout, this is part of the attraction.

One of my favourite memories was have a scone in the cafe overlooking the castle on a beautiful sunny day (albeit cold, but very clear).

Corfe Castle (Nikon D300)

The crowds have always been minimal when I’ve been and the sight of watching the steam train go through is one that everyone will love. Be sure to allocate plenty of time to just ‘take it in’ and also explore the town of Corfe. There are so many hidden surprises in this town.

Steam train to Swanage

Ashleigh walking through Corfe

It’s worth checking out, plus the drive through Wareham is beautiful!

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