Battle in the Burbs – Crossfit Box Hill Competition

Had an awesome day at our CrossFit Box’s comp, it was for beginners/Intermediates.

There were 4 WODS (listed at the bottom of the page), I came 7th overall so I was really happy with that as normally I’m somewhere between middle and the bottom.

I placed 3rd in one of the WODS – my lift was 98kg – didn’t quite have enough time to get a 100kg but thats okay!

The final WOD was easily my best, I managed to do 25 unbroken wall balls and power through the Kettlebell swings, ab mat sit-ups and Sand Bag Throw (100 pounds).

It was a great day all round, the programming was awesome and the atmosphere was so good. I enjoyed it a lot more than the other comps I have done.

Thanks for the great day CrossFit Box Hill



400m/ 300m x Row

15 x DB Thrusters @ 35/ 15s


600m Sandbag Run @ 75/ 55#*

20 x Reverse Sandbag Lunges

14 x Lateral Burpees Over Sandbag

8 x Pull Ups


Every minute do (3 rounds total):

9 x Deadlifts @ 95/ 65#

6 x Hang Power Clean @ 95/ 65#

3 x S2OH @ 95/ 65#

Max x Double Unders

Followed by 1 minute rest and then 2 minutes to complete

1x Deadlift, 1x Hang Power Clean, 1x Shoulder to Overhead


40 x Wall Balls @ 20 / 14#

30 x Russian KB Swings @ 24 / 16kg

20 x Sit Ups*

10 x Sandbag Over Shoulder @ 100/ 75#

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