Country side Dorset

Most of my family lives down in Dorset, UK. It’s a little county down the bottom of the UK. If you’ve seen the movie Dunkirk, it’s where all the boats come from that go across the channel to save the soldiers. Dorset is know for it’s beautiful chalky cliffs, Jurassic coastline and rich history dating back to the Roman times when Julius Caesar was trying to invade the Celts.

We stayed at a lovely AirBnB in Wareham, which was on a cool little farm with pigs, chickens, dogs and an old cat. The place was on a stones throw away from Corfe castle, one of my favourite spots and I was very excited to show Ash the castle. It’s around 800 years old and has been under a few sieges in its time. Considering the age Corfe is in pretty good condition. The town is small and the homes are made of stone, I presume built after the castle but not by much. There is also a steam train that goes to a seaside town called Swannage.

If you are ever down that way I highly recommend you checkout these places!

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