Welcome to the UK

Ash and I have come across to Europe for our honeymoon, we had in fact had this holiday booked over a year ago so it kinda worked out!

For our first few days we stayed in London, we spent some time in the city exploring the sights and sounds and just walking around taking everything in.

Some definite highlights were platform 9¾ at Kings Cross station plus the Harry Potter store.

We also visited Buckingham palace, Camden markets and a few other places. Camden markets is a favourite of mine, I love the variety there – anything from antiques to alternative fashion plus not to mention all the different types of food. We ended up at a Cuban food stall – which was amazing by the way. If you visit Camden markets I recommend checking out CyberDog, it’s a clothing place that has been there since the 70’s and features shirts that glow, light up and all sorts of things. You’ll hear the place before you see it!

We also found a cool little chai tea place, I forgot to take a picture. But they have 10 or so different types of chai and all the different milks plus a few little treats for an afternoon tea.

It would be easy to spend a few hours at the markets, it’s an easy tube ride to Camden town and then just a little walk.

The weather was a little chilly, but it wasn’t overly raining thank goodness. It meant we didn’t need to carry around a brolly or raincoat.

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