My Values

Recently I went to a goal setting workshop, it was run by Lululemon and centred around goals that reflect my values.

I discovered a few things about myself and others that I choose to surround myself with, (I use the word ‘choose’ purposely).


My first value is simplicity, I like to keep things as simple as possible,

having as few possessions as possible, I don’t need every gadget in the kitchen or millions of pots nor every electronic gadget that measures every facet in my life.

I believe we become so accustomed to accumulating endless things that we lose the vision and purpose of what our original intention was.  My purpose is to spend as much quality time with my family, friends and self. Does buying new clothes every weekend fit into that vision?

My second value was about adventure, I feel its in my blood. I have always loved adventure and travel, something I believe came from my mother.  I love the thrill of exploring new places off the beaten track or just exploring known places in more depth. Adventure doesn’t always need to be far, foreign or frightful. Adventure can be taking Poppy for a visit to a new dog park or even just trying a new breakfast spot.

Finally, my third value was about friendships. I value my friends a great deal, they have been there for me, inspire me and certainly entertain me! I love having a wide breadth of friends from different places – CrossFit, work, family friends, old friends etc. They certainly keep life interesting and open you up to new things.

When I put them together I get my vision and goals, but they’ll be for another day.

What things do you value?

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