Nikon Workshop @ Melbourne Zoo

I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves, but this weekend I did a photography workshop at Melbourne Zoo. It was run by Nikon Australia and Jay Town (he’s a photographer for the Herald Sun).


The workshop went for 4 hours and there is an assumed level of knowledge that you will know what aperture, shutter, iso and various other things are in your digital SLR and how they affect your photo.

The group was relatively small and there was plenty of time for advice from the professionals. Nikon even brought along a kid with various lenses and bodies to try. I found myself walking around with a D500 & 80-400 f/4 and 70-200 f/2.8.

Here are a few of the pictures from the day, I took over 500!

If you’re interested here is the link to the future workshops.

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