new devices

It’s funny, I was watching the release of the new fandangled iPhone X and Apple Watch 3 along with everything else. I thought for a minute, well I wouldn’t mind the watch, it has some pretty cool features. In that, it can receive calls without needing to take my phone. I could now leave my phone and wallet at home, welcome to the future!

But then I got thinking, it then becomes another thing to charge, another thing to worry about, another thing to update and by the time you purchase it ~$600, I could buy a flight overseas somewhere. Wouldn’t that be more meaningful?

The loop of people constantly buying and desiring brand new things needs to finish somewhere, we are no better off for it. What do we lose when we spend such large amounts of money on things that will only last 1-2 years.

How is that more important than:

  • Eating better quality food
  • Helping others
  • Spending money on experiences with your family and friends
  • Paying off loans & Mortgages
  • Investing that money in an idea, business or shares?

What do you think?

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