Favourite Panorama’s

Here are a few of my favorite panorama photos that I have taken, along with a few stories about them!

This was taken on the drive towards Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, you can see the beautiful snow-capped peak in the distance. This photo reminds me of the fresh & chilly air and the feeling free.


One of a few pictures from Hawai’i, this was taken at Lanikai beach, Oahu. It’s consistently rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I certainly agree!



Nothing like a cruise around Oahu on a Catamaran looking for whales and dolphines.




The walk to the top of Koko Head, Oahu was hot and long; but the views more than make up for it! Pack some water, snacks and a camera.





Is there anywhere in the world like Waikiki beach? Sun, Sand, Food, Surf  & Aloha. 





Sydney is always an awesome place to visit, it had been ages since I was there and Melbourne was so cold at the time! I saw Anh Do talking about his Happiest Refugee book. One of the most memorable shows I’ve ever seen.





Singapore, the top of The Marina Bay Sands. The view was 10/10! A day later I would meet my best friend for the first time.





Sugarloaf Rock
Sugarloaf rock in Perth, WA. It was such a stormy windy day, but it was worth scrambling over the rocks for the photo.





Welcome to the new Delhi Spice Market. Keep everything close and enjoy! 10/10 for chaos.





One of the most physically demanding things I’ve done. The trek to Mt Everest Basecamp. This was on the way up. The view was spectacular, Mt Everest is to the left (it appears small with a little bit of snow coming off it).




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