Road Trip to Adelaide

What better thing to do on a long weekend than a road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide. It was nice to be able to get away for a small break and see some new scenery.

We left Melbourne after work and proceeded towards Horsham, which was to be our destination for the night. The following morning we left bright and early in the fog (that reminded me of silent hill) with our destination as Hahndorf for lunch.

Poppy v. Dinosaur in Hahndorf


If you’ve never been to Hahnforf, it’s a little German town about 20 or so minutes outside of Adelaide CBD.  It’s one of my favourite places due to the vibe and the FOOD. There are so many German pubs, we chose to stop in the German Inn for lunch. There were so many choices so we wisely decied on a taster plate (Poppy agreed it was a good choice).

Poppy with her eyes on the food. ❤

We explored a fair bit of Adelaide, given a picture is with a 1000 words; here are some of the sights we saw.


Himeji Gardens

This is a beautiful Japanese garden located in the CBD, complete with a zen garden & pond. It was wonderful to just take it in. Entry is free.


Glenelg Beach

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For dinner on our last night we found a typical English pub, dark oak, low ceilings ~150 years old. It was the Fox and the Firkin, in case you’re wondering a firkin is a barrel that carries ale. The pub was great! The food was great and not too expensive. Plus there was plenty to look at in the pub!

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Pink Salt Lake

On the drive home we spotted a place I had always wanted to go, the Pink lake. In Austraia I believe there are a few of them. This one was right along the main road. It wasn’t super pink because the weather was quite overcast. But it was still very cool to see!


All round it was a great trip! A long drive, but I highly recommend it!

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