Gold Coast & Byron

Melbourne was starting to get a little bit chilly, so why not have a trip up to the lovely Gold Coast, QLD!  Ash & I went up for a few days for a bit of getaway and did some exploring along the way.

We tried out Parasailing, this was AMAZING. They strap you to a parachute and then pull you behind a jet boat and through science you go up up up – but luckily you are tethered with a rope (trust me, it’s not as scary as it may seem!). You’re in the air for 10-15 minutes and the views are spectacular!

Here is a photo (video’s coming soon).

Afterwards we went for a spot of stand up paddle boarding, because the water was a bit choppy it was closer to kneel down paddle boarding. But it was still a lot of fun!


Whilst on the Gold Coast, given we were close to Byron Bay we thought it would be cool to head down there for the day. We set off in the car pretty early, luckily we did, as on the way back the traffic to get into the town was massive. We had a really great time, went for a hike, had a beautiful breakfast and sampled the shops.

I read Sarah Wilson’s Guide to Byron Bay for some tips on what to see.

We made it to the Eastern Most point in Australia, now to get to the Western, Northern and Southern & Central.


Then to finish of our trip we went and visited SkyPoint Tower at sunset – Pro-Tip prebook your tickets online and beat the queue!



What are your favourite places to see & eat at on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay?

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