Barefoot Guide

Myself, like a lot of people have had issues with money along the way. Whether it’s debts, not knowing what to do, overspending or just not realising there is an easier way to do things.

Over the last 5 or so years I’ve found myself in peaks and troughs of having savings and having debts – largely in the way of credit cards, interest free and that sort of stuff that is deemed acceptable in modern society. However I never had money for what if something went wrong, or I felt guilty if I bought shoes (I very rarely did!).

But I found a way out

I recently read the book by Scott Pape aka Barefoot Investor. It completely changed my outlook on money. It’s not a quick get rich scheme book or a 101 ways to make a million dollars before 30. It’s a book that applies to someone who is 5 years old or 105. Whether you earn pocket money or $150k + a year.

The book is written with everyone in mind, there isn’t any technical jargon for those of us not in ‘the finance world’, but even if you have a firm grip on your money I’m sure there are some interesting things for you too. Even easy methods to teach your children or help friends.

Without giving the book away, it’s very much about setting up a few different savings accounts that are transition fee free.

  • Mojo – money for if something goes wrong
  • Smile – long term saving for things that make you smile – aka travel for me!
  • Life expenses – rent/ mortgage, bills, insurance, necessary groceries.

I’ve been following this for a few months now. With it I’ve now got no credit cards – completely cut up! I don’t live pay to pay and I’ve paid cash for holidays and other things (I made it through Christmas).

I still have a bit of work to go re: car loan but the aim is to have that paid off in July this year. Which means the loan will only have been 12 months. Coupled with paying off some credit card debit and moving house I’m proud of what can be achieved.

My income has not increased from the previous years. If anything it’s decreased and my “to live” expenses have increased. So it’s highly possible to get ahead.

It can be pretty much guaranteed that the cost of the book will be offset in the first week easily if you follow the guide. – Pro tip, the Amazon Kindle version is the cheapest and it works on all devices (links below).

You can get the eBooks and print books below:

iTunes iBooks (iPad, iPhone, Mac)

Amazon Kindle & Print (All Devices)

Booktopia (Print Book)

You can download a free kindle reader here (All Devices)

I can’t wait to here about your journey. Comment below!

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