Dog House Cafe Collingwood

Yes! Finally, a cafe which is for you and your puppy! It only opened in August. Located in Collingwood, this cute place is perfect.

There is food for your dog – Ice Creams, Dogcino’s, raw treats, dog popcorn – the list goes on!

Outside there are these cute booths that allow you to take the leash off, the booths have doors to keep your dog from wandering off.


We ordered poppy a Dogcino – it’s made with lactose free milk, Carob and a few other things. She was a bit apprehensive at the start but LOVED it!

I highly recommend it, the treats are a bit on the expensive side, but considering its the only thing like this in Melbourne and the fun. I think it’s worth it for the fun!

Let me know what you think !

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