Best free iOS Apps to travel with

So, you are going away on holidays and you are trying to workout if there are any apps you should get before you go to make the trip a bit easier. Well, here are a few tools and apps that will help!




One app & website I’ve been using for years is called TripIt, this handy site allows you to forward all of your confirmation emails from flights, trains, hotels, car rentals, events and many more, it will then make an itinerary of them to make it easier to see whats going on when. It will show you the time to get between destinations and if there are going to be flight delays.  You can get a Pro version, but I’ve always been extremely happy with the free one.


Google Maps

Google maps is a pretty well known tool, but there are probably two big features you didn’t know were possible. You can create a custom map of locations including pictures and information and share these with your family & friends. To do this you go to and you create a new map. When you open the iOS Google Maps app, the custom one you have created will appear in Your Places. The other feature within google maps, is that it recently had an update to let you download the maps to use offline. Super handy when you won’t have data.  You can follow the instructions here


There are hundreds of apps and websites for finding the cheapest flights, I choose to use one called SkyScanner as its very simple to use through the website and the app. You can also setup notifications for when flights go on special. SkyScanner doesn’t provide the bookings, it will just show you the cheapest places to get the flights. It will also compare other comparison price sites such as Expedia, Kayak etc.



I will presume you’ve heard of Über, it’s worth grabbing the App even if you’ve never used it before it could get you out of trouble if you get lost, walk too far or are sick or even if you just want a small tour by a local.

If you don’t have an account, you can sign up here (we will both get a  $10AUD voucher) You can grab the app from here


Google Translate

Travelling to a country that speaks a language you don’t understand? Use your iPhone to help you out! Google have another fantastic travel app, Google Translate. The app can translate over 100 languages to english, including writing (menus, signs, contracts) – The app will use the camera to read the writing and then show you what it is in english. You can also talk to the app in English and it will speak the translated version. At this time, it will do over 50 languages offline! Grab the app here Google Translate.


Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor  is probably my most used app when I’m on holidays, its super easy to read reviews and find interesting places close by – whether you’re looking for food, sights, accomodation or local information this is your one stop shop. It even has a funky feature will which journal the places you have been including photos.  Be sure to leave reviews of places that you visit to help others. You can down the app here


Yoga Studio

After a long day of shopping, walking or maybe even relaxing on a beach it can be quite nice to do a little bit of yoga to stretch and take it all in. Here is a handy little app to help guide you. Its called Yoga Studio





If your finding yourself in a Hotel which only has foreign TV you don’t understand, it might be nice to watch a movie or TV show. So be sure to get Netflix or one of the many TV/Movie streaming apps in your region. Due to licensing some apps however may not work outside your home country. You can get Netflix here .




Another personal favourite app from the Google suite, is called Streetview, the main feature is that you can virtually walk around nearly anywhere in the world. My favourite feature is that it lets you take a full 360 degree photo of any location. You can see one of mine below. You can download the app here



These are just a few apps, there are heaps more that are handy to have while travelling. What are some that you use? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Travels.


*Disclaimer* At time of publishing all the Apps listed were free and didn’t require in-app purchases to work. To help keep the site going, the links above are referral links, they don’t cost you any more but just give the site a small kick back to keep it running. You can click the links or the pictures provided and it will take you straight to the app. Thanks!

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