Kids Coding

For those of you out there looking at getting your kids into coding or maybe you’re just looking for some constructive activities for the kids to do online here are a few resources you may find helpful.

Blockly Games –

Handy resource for age 6+, it gives the foundations for coding and understanding logical sequences. It has a bit of maths too!

Scratch editor 2.0 by MIT

Scratch –

The beginning of coding for kids, best for age 8+, it will allow them to create animations, games and let their imaginations go wild.

ScratchJNRScratchJr – iOS App

This is for ages 5-7 and will give students a really nice start to coding and understanding logical sequences. Best part is, its free! It’s on iPads. –

Super helpful resource for kids and coding, it caters to all ages and ties in with current things in popular culture such as Star Wars.

I’ll add more links as time goes by, until then, enjoy!


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