Wanderlust 108 Melbourne

A morning consisting of a run, yoga and meditation. Almost seems too perfect, especially when it’s next to St Kilda Beach.

Wanderlust is a desire to explore – the world, yourself and your mind. Today’s Wanderlust event is a celebration of that journey.


There are so many activities to try, the key word is try. Many things you may have never done or even heard of before – Acro-Yoga, Slackline Yoga and hula hooping to name a few. You can sign up to beginners classes for these and best of all its included in the ticket!


I had such an amazing time, whilst I enjoyed the run alongside the beach the highlights for me was certainly the Yoga and Meditation. It was an amazing experience with almost 3000 people! One thing that jumped out at me was the energy you could feel, especially when everyone was silent during the meditation.

I’ve put together a short video of a few things today. It’s certainly an experience I won’t forget.

Have you been to wanderlust before? Or are you going to any this year?

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