The year ahead

It turns out this year is getting awfully crowded and busy!

2016 began with a whole host of new changes and additions to my life, and long with that a new mindset on life itself. As part of being a bit more mindful I have begun letting go of things which do not contribute constructively to my life:

  • Thoughts
  • Material items – Old things that I kept, just because (we all have those things!)
  • Bad habits

With this I’ve found I have had more time for the important things in my life – the things and people I love. I have started focusing my time on doing the things in enjoy and spending time with people I hold close and who have been there for me.


My happiness has certainly gone up, I feel a lot more content with life. My anxiety has certainly decreased and I find it a lot easier to work on projects and see bigger picture things. It’s still a long road, but at least I feel i’m on the right one.

I had a few goals for this year, some I’ve checked off already and some are still to come:

  • Make it to Mt Everest Basecamp
  • Go for weekends away – 4 are booked at this stage
  • Doing activities that bring happiness to me – Doing Yoga now 2 times a week @ Lightspace along with nice walks
  • Surround myself with positive people
  • Working towards my life goal of being the best version of me and doing what I can for those I love
  • Blogging going more regularly!
  • Doing the best I can as a teacher to support students in doing the best they can


Later this year there are a few trips planned around Australia with hopefully a few more on the horizon. Watch this space for more information soon.

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