Last day before the hike

So today is the last day before the hike, this morning I went out and organised my Jacket (i think its a bit too big!) and a sleeping bag. It was really cheap, around 160 nepal rupees per day for both. I got them from Shona’s which is in Thamel. Everything was super clean and i’d read a lot of good reviews. Hopefully everything holds up well.

I went to Patan this afternoon, it wasn’t too bad. A lot of the buildings in the square had been destroyed by the earth quake or were being held up by wood splints. It was worth the visit.

I walked back to Kathmandu (took me a few hours). On the way back I came across somethings which I did not expect. There was a lot of extreme poverty. There was no running water in these towns, there were 20 people holding 10-12L bottles at wells. Each bottle looked like it would take 20+ mins to fill up. Another 20 minutes down the road I came across a river. I could smell it before I saw it, the smell was very intense and was open sewage. On the other side of this river was a camp, these houses were built from scraps found on the sides of roads and whatever could be scavenged. It shocked me, you read about these places and see photos (as you are about to). But until its seen it cannot be believed. It certainly puts life luxuries and worries into perspective..


This afternoon I’m heading to the hotel, meeting the group and then tomorrow we are off!

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