Welcome to Kathmandu

So I arrived in Kathmandu after about 24hours of flying. I’m not completely sure what I expected Kathmandu to be like, but it certainly took me by surprise. Chaos isnt a word I use lightly. There are cars, people and motorbikes everywhere.

The first thing that hit me was the amount of pollution in Kathmandu, unfortunately Kathmandu lies in a valley which makes it difficult for wind to clear the pollution, in addition to the daily power cuts that result in people turning on their diesel generators.

Kathmandu has a very different vibe to it, you certainly know its a gateway to trekking as there are trekking shops everywhere, they sells lots of knock-off brands and genuine brands. I found the owners to be very honest and up front about their products.

My first morning in Kathmandu I walked up to Swayambhunath, it was certainly worth the 4am wake up and walking in pitch black. There were monkeys, dogs and a fair few people – Exercising, playing instruments, praying & meditating.

The rest of the day I explored other temples, food and trekking shops organising last minute things for Everest. Tomorrow I have something special planned.

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