7 days 6 hours

So the time has come up extremely quick, almost exponentially. There is pretty much nothing left to organise except the items I am buying in Nepal (jacket, sleeping bag & perishables)

I organised my accomodation for India last weekend along with trains & planes. What a mission that was! It took me the better part of a nice but it’s now down. I highly recommend a website called Cleartrip to book indian rail train tickets. Its a task to get the account setup as you need to email IRTC with your passport to activate the account. But after that just punch in your To/From city and purchase a ticket. They download as a PDF.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay in some place as long as I’d anticipated, but that is one of the joys about travel and just making the most what you have.  I’ll be going from New Delhi –> Varanasi –> Agra –> New Delhi

Depending on weather and delays when leaving Kathmandu there is always the small chance that I may not get to see much of India at all.

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