Beginning a journey of mindfulness

Sometimes when you put of things, they catch up to you. I have realised over the last few weeks some things need to change.

  • I need to start becoming more aware of what’s around me & enjoying what I am doing in that moment. Rather than thinking about past events or future ones
  • I need to start taking care of myself mentally, so that I don’t let bumps in the road knock me down too much.
    • These little bumps in the road would often cause larger chain events and became a self-perpetuating downward spiral that didn’t lead to anywhere happy
  • I need to take care of myself physically. I am quite an active person, I play sports 4-5 times a week and tend to do lots of walking during the day. I don’t eat junk food, however I do enjoy the occasional (or not so occasional sometimes) chocolate. However I have put on too much weight, which needs to get moved. The overeating isn’t due to being hungry, I have come to realise its triggered by stressful situations, which maybe uncertainty, time limitations, isolation or just being on the road.

To work through these I’m doing small bits at a time, I’ve already started adjusting my exercise to activities that I will enjoy more such as Yoga, dodgeball, hockey & I have recently started running again.

To work through stress and focussing on what is happening at the moment I have begun a program called Headspace, which is an online program where there are meditation sessions for 10+ minutes that are very simple to follow. The part I like is that they are guided. Even if you have never done it before all you need is 10 minutes and some device to play it on (Laptop, iPhone, iPad).

Taken on Hawai'i Big Island
Taken on Hawaii’s Big Island

Meditation has been shown in studies to help with depression, anxiety and stress , and if done in conjunction with a health professional it has allowed some people to come of medication in shorter periods of time than the would have otherwise done. The best part is, you can do it anywhere. No special clothes or equipment to buy, just sit in your pyjamas in the lounge if you want.

I have certainly begun noticing the benefits in the short time I have been doing it (just over a week now). My sleep is a lot better as I am not as restless during the night and I now can fall asleep very quickly. Previously it would often take me 20-30 minutes to fall asleep.

There are different short series of mediation available for when you are cooking, walking, cycling, eating or even getting to sleep (which is my favourite). Its something I recommend everybody should at least try, and they offer 10 days free anyway. Check it out .

I will post more about my journey as time goes on 🙂

Have you used Headspace? How has it helped you?

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