90 Mile Beach

We had a long weekend here in Melbourne due to the AFL Grand Final, I had been wanting to go camping for a while. So now was the perfect opportunity!

Believe it or not, 90 mile beach is 90 miles long, it is a beautiful beach which has a lot to offer whether you are after a relaxing time away, fixing, crabbing or boating. I was after the relaxing side of it.

I stayed around the Golden Beach part. There were plenty of places for camping. There are about 18 large areas and each one has between 4 – 10 sites, most of them have very basic facilities (long drop toilets).

The campsites were mainly full, but even then it didn’t feel too busy. At night I went down to the beach as you had a clear view of the stars and you could even see the milky way. I wish my DSLR hadn’t died a few weeks ago (after 8 years of service) otherwise I would of been able to take some incredible shots.

I got up early that morning for a nice long stroll on the beach and morning meditation to ground myself.

Just up from the campsite was Trinculo wreck, this ship was beached on the 30th of May 1879 after some strong SE winds when it was on a journey from Albany, WA to Newcastle, NSW. There weren’t a large amount of remains visible, but it was still very cool and allows you to wonder what I may have been like.

The following night I stayed in Tarra Bulga national park which was an hour or so drive away. This location was pretty cool and very isolated. There was a really nice short walk (3km round trip) close by to a suspension bridge over a valley around 30m high.

The following day I went for a hike in Tarra Valley forest to the waterfall. The vegetation was amazing and very serene. I loved the waterfall and all the little animal and insects along the journey. It was a perfect time for some reflection and grounding.

All in all it was a wonderful little weekend away, albeit too short, but I will be back there soon enough.

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