I have always been a big fan of TedTalks , I love the volume of incredible information as one of the most positive things that technology has brought to the world.


It turns out that a year or two ago Ted Talks expanded this to Ted-Ed, these talks are based for teachers and students in putting across information for many topics in your class. The list is fairly limited at the moment. However like anything the more we talk about it the more people with publish to it.

The content is for primary through to tertiary students and features animations in addition to talks (normal TED videos aren’t animations).

Another little perk of TED-Ed is that you can create lesson plans including quizzes and notes from any content on YouTube, TED Talks and TED ed. This is a really nice way of creating basic interactive lessons.

How does this differ from YouTube?

Many of the videos are hosted through YouTube, however many of the videos are done by leaders in certain fields any have to be recommended and go through a panel before they can talk. We all know the quality ‘control’ on YouTube, with that said there is a lot of amazing information on YouTube. Ted talks is also what peer-reviewed journals are to Wikipedia.

I hope at a minimum this gives you another source for information and maybe inspiration when you’re looking for big ideas, you may just stumble across someone who shares your vision.


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