Podcast episode 2 – How to Create and Publish a podcast

Hi Everyone,

Here is episode 2 of my podcast. This week I take you through how to create a podcast using Garageband on your Mac and how to upload it to wordpress or edublogs and subscribe to it through iTunes.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. Please leave any questions, comments or suggestions below. I love your feedback.

Stay tuned for how-to publish a podcast to blogger and recording on your iPad.

The links mentioned in the video are below:

http://feedburner.com –> for creating the feed to import into iTunes

http://edublogs.org –> create free education blogs (based on wordpress)

Links to Garageband on MacOSX and iOS


You can download Episode 2 – Create and publish podcasts

Subscribe to the podcast here on iTunes
Stay safe,



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