The rise in iPhoneography has brought many new aspects to the world of photography that were never possible in the past such as processing images instantly, along with distributing images to millions of people in the press of a button.

Here are some tips for taking better pictures on your iPhone.

  • Always have your phone with you, for many people this goes without saying.
  • Using the volume button to take the picture, many people don’t realise that you can use the volume up button as the shutter release. This allows you to have two hands on the phone for better stability. You can also use the volume button on your headphones, great for selfies!
  • Avoid the digital zoom, this will drop the resolution of the image and increase the chances of a blurry picture. It’s better to crop in the post-processing.
  • Avoid shooting in direct sunlight as this can wash out pictures and affect the exposure, unless that’s what you’re chasing of course.
  • Tapping on the object that you are photographing will readjust the focus and exposure of the phone, you can often manipulate the exposure by tapping on different objects in the picture.
  • Regularly backup your photos to your computer, there are many options for this from local backups to cloud backups (I’ll do a post on this soon)
  • Last but not least, try something different! Your phone is probably the smallest most portable camera you have, this allows you to try new things.


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