Since I went to Hawai’i I’ve been a bit of a fan of Country music, I listened to a song called I hold on by Dierks Bently (below).

Since then he has recently released a new album called Black. It’s certainly one of my favourite albums to listen to in entirety and always manages to keep me relaxed and happy.

Have a listen below and leave a comment and let me know what you think, or if you have any other artists you suggest.


So I came across a cool App by Google for iOS, if you have an iPhone that’s capable of taking Live Photos (6s or better) it will take these Live Photos and turn them into GIFS for you.

I went through some old photos and made some super cute pictures of Poppy. What’s best is you can export them to video and use the video as your Facebook profile picture too.


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Kids Coding

For those of you out there looking at getting your kids into coding or maybe you’re just looking for some constructive activities for the kids to do online here are a few resources you may find helpful.

Blockly Games –

Handy resource for age 6+, it gives the foundations for coding and understanding logical sequences. It has a bit of maths too!


Scratch editor 2.0 by MIT

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Its been an exciting last few months and I’m even more excited for the next more or so.

We went to Tasmania a few weeks ago, naturally it was fairly cold. However this meant a trip to Ben Lomond  mountain to see the snow. It was a nice easy drive up to the carpark and from there you just take a shuttle (Muddy 4WD) to the summit. The day we went up it was very very windy would certainly added to the chill factor.


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